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With widths of 200 cm or 350 cm, you have plenty of space to prepare your sunniest dishes. The ‘cabins’ are storage compartments made of machined steel that you can freely incorporate into the design. They provide thoughtful proportions and give you plenty of space to store whatever you want, from logs to your wines in an oak rack.

The Cabin series consists of the same U-shaped concrete elements as in the Wallo series, but in this series we use steel storage compartments. This allows you to arrange the U-shaped concrete elements differently. The rear of the Cabin series also gives a beautiful view, which makes the Cabin series ideal for dividing your outdoor space into zones.

Cabin 200a


Cabin 200c

Cabin 350a

Cabin 350b

Put together your Cabin outdoor kitchen for the way you prefer to grill. Create different heights and widths, add worktops and cabins wherever you want and integrate accessories such as a sink, barbecue, grill, pizza oven or wok burner.

Practical information about the Cabin series of outdoor kitchens
  • Modular outdoor kitchen, to be put together in different ways.
  • Made by hand of pure concrete and finished against discoloration and grease.
  • Widths possible of 200 cm and 350 cm.
  • Choose from Concrey (grey) or Carbon (charcoal).  
  • Make it personal: add storage cabinets and accessories.
  • Easy to install yourself or for a fee by us, on gravel or tiles.

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