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wallo series

and tranquillity

The Wallo series outdoor kitchens are characterized by clean lines and simplicity. Compact yet complete. Ideal for smaller gardens and any style, from modern to rural.

The basis for the Wallo series is created by stacking the U-shaped concrete elements. The height usually varies from 90 cm to 150 cm. Once we have determined the correct height, we apply the worktops and shelves to the desired position. You can expand the Wallo outdoor kitchen not only in height, but also in length. Examples are the Wallo 300 or Wallo 450.

wallo 150

wallo 300

wallo 450

wallo L

You can forge your Wallo to your liking. Create different heights and widths, add worktops wherever you want and integrate accessories such as a sink, barbecue, grill or wok burner. Even with a fully equipped Wallo, this model retains its relaxed appearance.

Practical information about the Wallo series of outdoor kitchens
  • Modular outdoor kitchen, to be put together in different ways
  • Made by hand of pure concrete and finished against discoloration and grease.
  • Widths possible of 150 cm, 300 cm and 450 cm. or in a corner layout.
  • Choose from Concrey (grey) or Carbon (charcoal).
  • Make it personal: add storage cabinets and accessories.
  • Easy to install yourself or for a fee by us, on gravel or tiles.
  • Prices start at €1,990.00 incl. VAT

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